Faculty of Mathematical Sciences (FMS)

Undergraduate Programs


CKT-UTAS’ undergraduate students benefit from studying in one of Ghana’s foremost universities, where the faculty devotes its time and energy to imparting knowledge, guiding students and acting as paragons of virtue and learning. Established in 2010, FMS holds a high reputation in Mathematical Science in Ghana. The Faculty is committed to building a diverse campus community to ensure that students explore their interests, discover new academic and extracurricular pursuits, and learn from each other. FMS through CKT-UTAS is making its education accessible to students from a broad range of culturals, ethnics and social status.

Our curriculum encourages students to explore many disciplines and to develop a deep understanding in one area of concentration. English-instucted courses are offered in the diploma programs in 3 majors. Qualified graduates are awarded a Diploma certificate. And the minimum study period is 2 years.


Department of Mathematics

  • 4 – Year BSc. Mathematics
  • 4 – Year BSc Mathematics with Finance
  • 4 – Year BSc. Mathematics with Economics
  • 4 – Year BSc Mathematics with Computing


Department of Statistics

  • 4 – Year BSc. Statistics
  • 4 – Year BSc. Actuarial Science
  • 4 – Year BSc. Biostatistics